Paul Irwin

Well!  After a rough start we are making progress!  Thanks for your patience! 
Thank you Tye for your help!

Agreement for Use of Student iPads


School iPadInitiative

Charleston Development Public CharterSchool has initiated a 1:1 iPad program for students and teachers in an effortto embrace 21st Century Skills. Students will be using iPads in the classrooms,and, after reading and returning the required agreement, they will be allowedto take their designated iPad home to continue school work.  iPad use will be monitored by building leveladministration to gauge use and effectiveness of the device in the classroom. iPadsare school owned devices and the contents on the iPad can be viewed at any time. Students areexpected to have their iPad with them and fully charged every school day.

Goals for Student Users

  • Toprepare students for a 21st Century environment.
  • Toincrease productivity and engagement of all learners.
  • Tomake student-centered learning a priority.
  • Toincrease collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication in ourstudents.