Seventh Grade

Welcome to the Seventh Grade! I am Mr. Richard Mullins, your child's homeroom, language and literature teacher, and I am anxious to begin another successful school year. I'd like to take an opportunity to share a brief overview of our English Language Arts class and the types of learning that will take place throughout this school year.

Our classroom is a dynamic one! I am passionate about books, literature, authors, poets, and anything related to the written word. My intent is to stimulate students' minds so they too become lovers of reading --- if they aren't already!

We will be reading a wide variety of genres ranging from realistic fiction, historical fiction, poetry, short stories, to everyday non-fiction newspaper articles! There is a tremendous array of reading variety out there, and it is imperative that students are exposed to these different forms as they grow older and more sophisticated in their approach to reading comprehension---clearly preparing them for high school and beyond...

Your continued support and communication with the teachers will enable your child to have a productive and successful year.